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In this category you will find a wide selection of hiking clothing. Our offer includes: rain and winter jackets; thermoactive underwear - both natural wool - merino and modern synthetic; big collection of different types of beanies; fleece jackets, vests and softshells. In addition, the accessories include chimney scarves, gloves and belts.

Softshells - breathable clothing protecting from wind and cold

Softshell is the idea of replacing completely windproof and waterproof (hardshell) jackets with a layer that will breathe better. The first sofsthells were designed for climbers. During intense physical activity, the body produces a lot of heat and sweat. When we use a waterproof jacket, even with a membrane, the breathability drops significantly. We start to overheat and sweat. A rain jacket is then disadvantageous.

Softshell breathes very well, it is also windproof and depending on the model and thickness of the fleece lining, it can also be insulated. As a rule, the outer fabric is impregnated so that the water will pearly on the surface, but bigger rainfall will soak the softshell jacket. Such a construction and resignation from the waterproof layer results in very good breathability. Softshell is designed for outdoor sports activities.

Winter jackets

When choosing a winter jacket, we should be guided by the conditions in which we want to use it most often. The answer seems simple - in winter conditions. The question, however, is about possible rain and moisture. Will it be only a frost, when the air is very dry, or will we sometimes experience rain or maybe rain and slob?

In our store, we offer down jackets, jackets with synthetic filling or with mixed filling - down and synthetic, and completely distinct raincoats with fleece lining - the so-called 3in1. Each filling has different properties and reacts differently to moisture. If you are looking for more information about winter jackets, the type of fillings and their functions - call us or write to

Gloves for all occasions

Hands are parts of the body that are one of the first to lose heat and are at risk of freezing. It is our body's natural defense mechanism, which first pumps blood from the farthest, "least needed" parts of the body to the more central organs. Therefore, protecting your hands in winter is particularly crucial. When the temperature drops outside, no one needs to be convinced that winter gloves are the basic component of clothing. In our offer you will find waterproof and insulated gloves for frosts, down mittens,  lighter fleece or softshell gloves that protect against wind. Winter gloves with a touch screen tips are an interesting option - they allow you to operate your smartphone without taking them off.

Winter beanies and summer caps

A headgear can perform many functions. In summer, it will provide protection against the scorching sun, and on cooler days against wind, cold or rain. A cap is also just a great accessory! In our offer you will find baseball caps - breathable and quick-drying - ideal for sports and outdoor activities, as well as warm winter beanies, some also with windstoppers. The head is one of our most important parts of the body and we need to take care of it because it is very sensitive to cold temperature and its fluctuations. Our store presents a wide range of winter headgear. Everyone will find something for themselves - we have beanies for men and women, multicolored or with more subdued colors, thick winter hats for frosts and light, thin ones for the transitional period in weather. Some sports winter hats are additionally equipped with a windstopper. This feature is perfect for people who, even in winter, do not give up cycling or are looking for a ski headgear. Not cold, but the wind is the worst enemy and it is wind that chills our head the fastest. A winter hat with a wind stopper is a good choice. As you can see, there is plenty to choose from. Browse through our offer and pick a headgear for yourself.

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