Food, drinks and cooking equipment

Eating and drinking are very basic needs that must be met by everyone, without exception. But let's not forget that eating is also one of the greatest pleasures! When going on a trip, we must also think about this very pleasant topic.

In the cooking category you will find all tourist and travel cooking equipment. From tourist cookers, through canteens, thermoses and thermal mugs, to freeze-dried food.

Eating & Drinking

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Food and drinks during travels

Everyone likes to eat well. The other thing is that "well" can have different meaning for everyone. Anyway, eating - apart from sleeping - is a key need during mountain trekking, cycling, canoeing rally or camping on the shores of a lake.

Depending on your preferences and the wealth of your wallet, you can prepare meals yourself, buy ready-made meals or simply eat in bars, shelters and restaurants. Hikers who prefer wilderness and empty trails, however, are on their own. In order to give them a chance to survive, producers are trying to outdo each other in inventing newer, more sophisticated, functional and light tourist cooking equipment.

Cooking equipment for travelling

The products offered in our store have been carefully selected. We checked most of them during our trips. Everyone will find something for themselves - lovers of speed and ease - freeze-dried food, and people who love celebrating meals and cooking together - a collection of cauldrons. Of course, we also have a wide selection of burners and cookers, canteens, thermos flasks, mugs, plates, cutlery and everything you need for cooking. Beginner tourists, scouts, advanced travelers, as well as people preparing professional expeditions, hiking and survival camps will find equipment suited for them.

Freeze-dried food

However, those who prefer to save time and trouble can choose a freeze-dried dinner. Just pour boiling water over it, wait several minutes and it's ready!

It is worth mentioning that the price of cooking equipment is influenced by its functionality and weight. The lower the better - everyone who sets ambitious goals knows about it, because the number of kilograms of equipment we pack into a backpack or bicycle saddlebags depends on whether we will implement the assumed plan.

Vacuum bottles, food containers, water bags and bottles

However, it is not always necessary to take the "field" kitchen with you. Sometimes a thermos and sandwiches are enough, and sometimes only a water bag with a drink.

However, after all, travel cooking accessories are bought to serve for years, so it is worth considering how we travel, what we like and determine the most important parameters for us, e.g. low weight or the best price-quality ratio.

It does not matter if you are planning a longer trip with a backpack, a bicycle trip, camping by the lake or a simple break on the trail - for dinner and admiring the views. For all these activities, you need certain types of equipment. Special equipment and accessories - inseparable elements of each camp, even the shortest one.

In our Eating & Drinking category, we have prepared carefully selected products for you. We trust companies that we have checked ourselves during our trips. So here you will find everything that is needed for comfortable cooking and eating.

Additionally, special attention should be paid to the position of freeze-dried food. This nutritious and healthy alternative to traditional meals has long ceased to be available only to professional expeditions.

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