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Travel accessories. Often small details of great importance to the user. Very often, it is the sum of all these small elements of our equipment that has a huge impact on the end result. In our category of camping gear, you will find equipment that will be useful to every tourist and traveler.

The range of goods presented in this category will be extremely extensive. From sunglasses, to hammocks, trekking umbrellas, compasses to dozens of other travel items and gadgets. You can find all of this on the website of our travel shop. If we do not have something, we are certainly able to organize it or offer you a worthy alternative.

Gadgets & Gear

Hammock Lesovik SUL

Hammock Lesovik SUL
Hammock Lesovik SUL

Hammock Lesovik SUL

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Price: €125.00

Gifts and ornaments

If you want to give a small gift to someone important to you then you can also check our ornaments, pendants and bracelets collection. You can choose the design that suits you best and we will make sure that your product will be of the finest quality so that the gift would be appreciated and remained unforgettable.

Tourist accessories

Moisture, scorching sun and boredom - the greatest threats to a successful holiday. You can protect yourself against some, and eliminate others. There are easy ways to do this!

Every traveler knows that there is nothing worse than a long, lasting for at least a few days, intense rainfall, against which even the best clothes will not protect us. Furthermore - backpacks, panniers and additional luggage attached to them are soaked. That is why it is worth investing in waterproof travel bags, which are designed to work everywhere where is an abundance of water, i.e. for kayaking and sailing, but they also protect the luggage of bicycle travelers or fans of trekking from rain. It is worth hiding everything that we have attached to the outside of the backpack or panniers, for example: a tent, a sleeping bag or a sleeping pad. Dry clothes and comfortable sleeping guarantee regeneration of strength overnight and energy for the next day to fight the capricious weather. The multitude of sizes and colors of the bags allows you to perfectly match the equipment to your individual needs.

However, not only rain can spoil our vacation plans. The heat pouring from the sky, resulting in burns or overheating, can exclude from outdoor activities. A good way to minimize the risk of sunburn is a trekking umbrella, which will protect us both against excess UV rays and against sudden cloudbursts. You should also not forget to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, so it's worth taking the time to choose the best matching sunglasses - remember that they will be useful not only in summer, but also in snowy, sunny winter. Harsh, blinding sun is really dangerous - with prolonged exposure it can even damage your eyesight!

To feel safe and be sure that we do not get lost, it is worth equipping yourself with a compass. Especially when you are discovering new trails or take part in scout field game and need to quickly determine the aziumuth or direction - light-weight, traditional compass will do a job.

And finally, the last thing that can spoil holidays - boredom. We all know that boredom kills. How to deal with it? Very simple! All you need is one fantastic - and very recently fashionable - little thing: the so-called slackline, a tape for walking "on a rope". Wonderful fun for young and old, integrates well and never gets old.

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