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Health and safety

The category includes products of various types and usage, which, however, have a common ground. Creating optimal conditions for the continuation of all our trips and journeys. Therefore, in the group of tourist products, we can find a full range of various types of accessories.

First aid kits are undoubtedly one of the most important of them. This is often a small detail in all our equipment, but first aid kits are a must-have for every responsible tourist.

Other small items, such as a tourist washbags, various types of cosmetics, preparations for mosquitoes can also come to the rescue during our trips. When it comes to water, this category includes travel water filters, personal water filters, water disinfectants and camping showers. The real hit of recent years, however, are quick-drying travel towels, which you can also find in the offer of our store.

Health & Safety

Hygiene on the hiking trail

Taking care of hygiene and cleanliness while traveling can be a challenge. This is due to the lack of water in many cases, especially if we like to stay in the wild, far from civilization, in hard-to-reach places. It is also often too cold to force yourself to bathe in a portable shower or in a mountain stream, or so hot and muggy that it is impossible to get rid of mosquitoes. It also happens that we are too exhausted from a long hike, a sharp approach or cycling and we no longer have the strength to fight for hygiene. And although sometimes conditions are unfavorable for it, there is no willingness, in spite of everything, we try to maintain elementary hygiene while traveling, because it also affects our health and efficiency. Appropriate equipment is helpful in this.

In our store, we offer all the necessary travel accessories that will help you take care of hygiene, health and safety during travelling. And so it is definitely worth investing in a quick-drying towel - small, light and practical. Depending on your needs, you can buy larger or smaller, thinner or thicker. This is one of those things that have been gaining more and more popularity among tourists for years.

A wide range of travel washbags means that even the most demanding will find the right model for themselves. From ultra-light minimalism through practical universalism to large-sized camping toiletry bags - all models combine modern design and a perfect fit for the needs of our customers. Thanks to them, we can have all the utensils and cosmetics in one place, easy to find and always at hand. Some of the washbags are equipped with small mirrors, but if we chose a model in which this option is not available - you can simply buy an ultra-light and small travel mirror.

Cosmetics in large packages which are mainly available in chemists are completely unsuitable for serious travels. That is why companies from the tourism industry have adjusted their offers to the needs of travelers. Liquids, soaps, shampoos in small and light packages, often in leaves, biodegradable and not too foaming, perfectly meet the needs of traveling enthusiasts.

To feel fully comfortable and safe while traveling, remember to take a well-equipped first aid kit and an effective mosquito repellent. Even if will not use neither of them, it is still better to have them with you. In remote areas where it is difficult to find clean, drinking water, it is worth taking a water cleaning kit.

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