No matter where we are at the moment, the right choice of lighting is one of the most important issues. Light determines our life, it defines human possibilities. It provides us with comfort, and very often determines our safety or even life. Therefore, it is worth approaching this topic properly, choosing a light source appropriate to the circumstances.

In our store's offer you will find headlamps from the world's most recognized manufacturers. Headlamps which have been a real hit in recent years, are already a standard part of the equipment of every mountain trip or camping enthusiast. So they cannot be missing your inventory as well! For traditionalists and all campers, the offer of our store could not, of course, miss the more traditional and classic light sources. We have prepared irreplaceable LED flashlights or larger tourist lamps - both electric and gas.

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Without light at night, there is little we can do - the human eye has too little sensitivity to see in the light of the stars or the moon - we simply cannot see anything or we see very poorly. Closed rooms are also a limitation. Lighting is an issue that humanity has been concerned with since time immemorial. It all started with the discovery of lighting and keeping fire in prehistory. Later inventions include a torch, oil lamps, and candles. The lighting revolution began with the invention of the electric bulb. It is not clear who exactly invented it. The date 1879 and the creator of Thomas Edison are widely recognized. Probably, however, the first real light bulb was made by Joseph Wilson Swan, and the first attempts to glow carbon fibers were carried out in 1838 by other scientists and research teams. Although the technology seems very advanced today, work is still going on in the field of lighting. After all, LEDs are a relatively new invention that is constantly being improved.

Modern electric flashlights

Today, LEDs are the most commonly used source of light in tourism. The small size of the diode itself and low power consumption, which allowed to reduce size of the accumulators and batteries, allowed for the miniaturization of electric flashlights, which is of great importance in tourism. LEDs have therefore also allowed headlamp branches to develop. Previously, there were headlamps, but they were large and heavy, making them very impractical. Modern hand-held flashlights, headlamps and camping lamps are therefore LED flashlights. Very rarely we can still find krypton or argon bulbs.

Traditional gas lamps

In tourism, especially more stationary, such as camps, traditional light sources - kerosene lamps, candles and gas lamps - are still very popular. The latter seem to be the best option - only gas lamps are efficient enough to illuminate anything effectively. The popularity of traditional lamps is not weakening mainly due to the psychological properties of fire. Fire has a calming effect on people. Real fire also has a very pleasant light color. Lamps that use fire are just very cozy. Let's think for ourselves, after all, there is nothing better on vacation than a bonfire with friends.

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