Scout uniform

The scout uniform is designed to integrate and build the sense of scout community and togetherness, and it is also a representative element. Nothing looks better than a uniformly dressed scout team or pack.

In our scout shop you will find all the elements of the official uniforms of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association and Scouting Association of the Republic, both for boy scouts and girl scouts. We have uniform scout shirts, shorts, scout pants and skirts. There are also aprons and cub scout uniforms as well as sea scout uniforms and clothing - for sea scout teams.

Polish Uniforms

Scout uniform

Before you can receive your scout cross, you must have your scout uniform. What's so special about it? Why does it look like this and what myths have grown around it? Let's find out.

The scout uniform originates from the idea of the creator of scouting to make it a comfortable outfit for all kinds of outdoor activities. It is worth adding that the creator of scouting was a soldier. Hence, the similarity to military uniforms, functionality and practicality are the most visible and desirable features of scout uniforms.

No matter what organization we are talking about. They all attach great importance to uniforms. They look and are cut very similar.

As for the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP), the cub scout uniform does not differ at all from the scout uniform. The cut is the same. Just choose the right size. In the case of Scouting Association of the Republic (ZHR), this is a slightly different matter. There is no single official uniform (for girls) in this organization. Each team is looking for the best solution for itself. In the case of the boys, work is currently underway to standardize the uniforms.

Different types of scout uniforms

In addition to the classic scout clothing and cub scout apparel, there are also uniforms of sea scout teams. The characteristic navy blue scout shirts with collars are easy to recognize even from a distance.

You should also remember about scout pants or a scout skirt. There are shorts for boys (green) and girls (black). For girls, of course, there may be a skirt.

When it comes to long scout pants, cargo pants are the most popular option. They usually have one of three colors - olive, black or camouflage. Each team can choose from the many versions and types of pants available.

These types of pants are chosen because of their very good price-quality ratio, as well as functionality. Comfortable and easily adjustable, they fit perfectly with any uniform. They also contain many pockets, which makes them useful for field activities.

Cub scout uniform

Our offer includes cub scout uniforms in accordance with the requirements of the latest uniform regulations of individual scout organizations. By completing uniforms for a boy cub scout, a girl cub scout or a cub scout Leader in our store, you have the guarantee that each part of the uniform is a certified element of the official Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) or Scouting Association of the Republic (ZHR) outfit. The labels with the organization's logos are proof of its originality. The label is a guarantee of careful workmanship, an adapted shade and high-quality material, the right cut and paying attention to all details.

You will find here all the necessary elements of the uniform - no matter what are the uniform habits and standards in your or your child's scout group.

It is worth to wear cub scout uniform with a little toolbox with a needle and sewing thread, as well as spare buttons - these accessories are also available. When buying a uniform shirt for a child, we advise you to choose a size with a slight margin - kids will grow quickly, and the uniform will still fit.

What is additionally included in the cub scout uniform?

We will help you choose the rest of the full uniform, i.e. shorts or a skirt. We sell ZHR boys shorts, boys' and girls' ZHP cub scout shorts. Girls can also choose a skirt with or without pockets.

For bad weather or field conditions, we recommend long pants, of which you can also find a wide selection. The offer includes: BDU, Helikon, M65, MIL-TEC black and green pants, as well as special scout pants for children and teenagers.

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