Boy and girl scout badges and patches

Welcome to our category with scout badges and patches. All of our Scout Shop team are scouts and we know really well that the scout badge is not only the symbol of taking part in some camp or jamboree, badges are not only memorabilia, but they can be really good items to collect them

Many of us love to watch different scout badges from different countries and parts of the world and many of us love to collect them. Sometimes a collection of boy or girl scout badges can consist of thousands of items. Every different and every unique.

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Scout jamboree is always a great option to watch other collections but also a great option to make some exchange. Sometimes is really hard to find a scout badge - especially if it is from another part of the globe. Now you have an opportunity to buy some exeptional scout badges. Some of the scout badges from our offer may be unknown for you and actually we are hoping they are - we are trying to make our offer unique.  In that case watch it and buy it - no matter where you are now. We offer worldwide delivery. And do not forget to buy some extra pieces - these badges will be good to exchange on your next scout jamboree.

Regardless you want to enlarge your private collection or looking for some memorabilia from an event you have taken part in or looking for a gift for a scout in our scout shop you can find something interesting.

Boy scout badges and patches

There are many universal scout badges but some of them are dedicated for boys or for girls. If you are looking for a boy scout patch you can be interested in WOSM badge for example. Other boy scout badges may be some specific camp badge, jamboree badge and so on.

Girl Scout badges and patches

On the other hand there are also some girl scout badges - dedicated for girls and worn only by members of girl scout temas. Example of it is the WAGGGS badge. And of course about girl scout badges is exactly the same situation - some girl camp or girl scout jamboree may be present with a specific girl scout badge.

Of course for somebody who just loves to collect scout badges, patches and memorabilia there is absolutely no matter is it a girl or boy scout badge. But if you want to wear it on your uniform, better to know it ;)

Other girl and boy scout badges or memorabilia

Scout badges and patches are great souvenirs and memorabilia - you can collect it, you can attach it to your uniform or backpack. But they are not the only one fun scout memorabilia.

Other scout memorabilia are:

  • specific scout badge/patch like:
    • cub scout badge
    • eagle scout badge
    • patrol patch
  • scout neckerchief 
  • scout neckerchief slide/woggle

 As you can see, there are quite a lot of other scout badges or completely other scout memorabilia. In our Scout Shop you can find different types of scout souvenirs and memorabilia. Of cours girls and boy scout badges are the biggest and the most significant part of it. But if you are looking for something else feel free to contact us by email. We plan to enlarge our offer, so we are open for any suggest.

Scout woggles

Scout woggle is not a typical badge :) But it is one of good examples of scout memorabilia so in this category you can also find those. There are many different types of scout woggle / slide. To produce them you can use metal or wood or other material but the most common are leather scout woggles. Enjoy our offer, pick whatever you like and make some orders!

 Types of scout woggles

  • leather scout woggle
  • metal scout woggle
  • woggle made from wood or pine cone

Better woggle or scout knot?

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