Scout scarfs

Get yourself a unique scout scarf for your scout team. Choose one of the many colors and if that is not enough for you, we have something else.

Invent your own, individual scout neckerchief - and we will make it for you. Fast, at a good price and the way you want. Before you buy one of our colorful scout scarves, think about whether you want a scarf with a bias binding, ribbon or embroidery?

Scout Scarfs

Scout scarf

Scout scarf is one of the most distinguishing features of scout teams. The scarf can be seen from a distance and you can immediately recognize what kind of community it is. As there are thousands of scout teams, and the color palette is limited - you can usually find about 15-20 colors of scarves - you have to deal differently.

That is why all the variety can help. These can be bias binding, ribbons, two-color scarves, etc. This gives us the opportunity to create a unique pattern that no one has yet designed. Come up with your own exclusive scout neckerchief and stand out from the pack.

Why not combine two or even more components in our scout scarves? What a challenge it is to create a two-color scarf with two ribbons in four different colors. Why not make a scarf with only one side bias binding. The only limitation is your imagination and idea for the colors you want to combine in order to create an awesome scout scarf.

The scarf is to be practical. With its help, you can, for example, stiffen limbs - using it like a triangular bandage. Today, it additionally performs representative functions. It is enough to go to the next scout camporee to see that scout scarves often have astonishing embroidered patterns, ribbons, bias bindings and other decorations. Scouts willingly exchange their scarves - so it is worth trying to make ours the most beautiful - on the "secondary market" it will be very valuable :]

Scout scarf - how to tie?

There is also the question of how to put on a scarf. It is relatively simple. Just place the scarf on a hard surface. Then, starting with the longest side, start wrapping it. By making an overlap approximately every 2 centimeters. So that the rolled up scarf does not stick out from under the collar (because that's where we hide it). Remember to leave the piece sticking out from the back along the spine. It should be about 10-15 centimeters.

What are the origins of scout scarf?

Like all scouting, the scout scarf has its roots in English scouting. The scout scarf is one of the first elements of uniforms worn by the scouts subordinate to the founder of the movement, General Robert Baden-Powell. From the very beginning, the scarf has two functions - as each element of the uniform distinguishes the scout of a given unit from other scouts, and another function is the possibility of practical use of the scarf in the field. The scout neckerchief is modeled on a triangular medical scarf. We can use them for dressing, for immobilizing a limb or for making a tourniquet. We can also use the scouting scarf in many other situations - whenever we need a strong piece of fabric - tie something, cover something, shelter something - there are many possibilities. Today, however, we are forgetting about the second function more and more often. This is indirectly due to the ease of access to all kinds of equipment - including medical equipment - almost every team has its own first aid kit, but also due to the fact that the scout uniforms character is more and more sublime. And that's good - the scout uniform is an item that we should respect, but let's not forget that it is also a practical outfit, and a scout scarf in the proper hands is a very useful tool.

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