Colorful socks and knee socks for scouts

Scout socks are a fairly new product and strongly associated with the general fashion for colorful, not necessarily eye-catching accessories for everyday outfits. Besides, not only everyday, because we can meet more and more serious businessmen in suits and colorful socks! So why not choosing colorful socks for scouts that can even be worn with uniforms? Based on this assumption, we have selected few cheerful, multicolored patterns of asymmetrical socks from the great Polish brand Spox Sox, and we have also created our own patterns! We assure you that they will fit both the scout uniform and every day outfit! But that's not all!

We also offer scout knee socks (gaiters) which protect our foot so that an accidental stone does not fall into the shoe, they are also a protection against sand and dust. Each scout team has different colors and uses a different color set. In our scout shop you will find all the colors of knee socks!


Scout Socks

Multitude of patterns

In our offer we have many different patterns of scout socks. The motives refer mainly to the topics heavily related to scouts, which is traveling, camping as well as communing with nature.

All our scout socks are soft, comfortable and manufactured in Poland using only high quality materials so that we can guarantee the finest quality. Our scout socks also have a universal cut, so they fit both women and men, and the smallest size will also be good for children.

So if you do not like monotonous socks and you want to add an vivid, colorful element to your outfit or uniform, choose our unique scout socks!

How to correctly choose scout knee socks?

Don't buy scout gaiters until you ask yourself these 3 important questions:

  • Have you already chosen the right color to match the scout scarves and epaulets?
  • Have you already chosen the color of the scout leg warmers that will emphasize the selected gaiters?
  • Do you want plain or striped gaiters?

If you have already answered all the questions, we provide you with the largest selection of knee socks and scout leg warmers!

Scout gaiters are, above all, elements characteristic of a given scouting community. They symbolize the colors of the scout team and are perfect for colder days. They protect scouts from abrasions on their feet in the most difficult conditions, e.g. during forest games.

Long woolen gaiters for scouts have various shades and are usually matched to the colors of scarves and epaulets. A special stitch prevents them from sliding off the calf, so they fit perfectly to the body. They are an indispensable element of the uniforms of boy scouts and girl scouts tailored to the tradition.

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