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Dear User!

We care about your privacy, and want you to feel comfortable while using our cervices. That is why we present to you the most important information regarding the rules of personal data processing and cookie files, we use in our Store. This information has been prepared with accordance to the latest personal information protocol GPDR.


"WODA GÓRY LAS" SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ located at ul. Strzelecka 13, 61-845 Poznań, added to the National Court Registry - registry of entrepreneurs by SĄD REJONOWY POZNAŃ - NOWE MIASTO I WILDA W POZNANIU, VIII WYDZIAŁ GOSPODARCZY KRAJOWEGO REJESTRU SĄDOWEGO, under KRS 0000000826, NIP 7792167095, REGON 63422755000000, share capital 451000,00 zł.


If you aim to create a User Account in our Store and enjoy our services, you will be asked to provide your personal information. Your information will be processed by us in the below-mentioned goals, which are connected with the functioning of the Store and providing our Services (“Services”).

Purposes of data processing:

Depending on your choice, this could be:

  • Providing Services offered by the Store.
  • Fulfilment of your orders.
  • Direct marketing.
  • Delivery of a newsletter.

Legal grounds for processing your personal information:

  • A selling contract or actions taken on your demand, necessary to conclude one (art. 6 paragraph. 1 letter b GDPR).
  • Legal obligations, like accounting (art. 6 paragraph 1 letter c GDPR).
  • Your consent expressed in the Store (art. 6 paragraph 1 letter a GDPR).
  • A service contract or actions taken on your demand, necessary to conclude one (art. 6 paragraph. 1 letter b GDPR)
  • Our legally justified interest, consisting of the processing of information in order to determine, inquiry or protect eventual claims (art. 6 paragraph 1 letter f GDPR).
  • Our legally justified interest, consisting of direct marketing (art. 6 paragraph 1 letter f GDPR).
  • Our legally justified interest, consisting of analytics and statistics of the Store (art. 6 paragraph 1 letter f GDPR).
  • Our legally justified interest, consisting of customer satisfaction survey (art. 6 paragraph 1 letter f GDPR)

Providing personal information:

  • It is voluntary but in some cases necessary to conclude a selling contract.

Consequences of not providing your personal information:

Depending on the goal, the information is asked for:

  • inability to register in the Shop,
  • inability to use the Shop's services,
  • inability to make a purchase in the Shop,
  • inability to receive information on bargains or special offers in the Shop.

Possibility to withdraw your consent to process your personal information:

  • at any time.

The processing of your personal information will remain legal until you withdraw your consent.


In the Shop we may automatically match some of the content to your needs, i.e. perform profiling, with the use of the personal data which you have provided.

Should the profiling result in your taking decisions which lead to legal effects or which affect you in a similarly significant manner, we shall conduct it only upon your consent.

Remember that you may withdraw your consent at any time. Until the consent withdrawal, the processing of your data shall remain lawful.


Your personal information will only be processed to the point where we have legal grounds to do so, that is until:

  • we will no longer be obligated by law to process your information,
  • it is no longer possible to determine, pursue or defend any claims arising from a contract made with the Shop,
  • you withdraw your declaration to process your information if this was the basses on which we were doing it,
  • we accept your objection towards us processing your information – in the case of the processing being in the justified interest of the administrator, or in case of direct marketing, including profiling.

- depending on what applies in the given situation and what occurred last.


While processing your personal information we use organisational and technical precautions in line with the proper legal regulations, in that we use SSL certificate.


You have the right to demand:

  • access to your personal information,
  • correction,
  • deletion,
  • restricting the processing,
  • transferring it to another administrator.


  • file at any moment an objection to the processing of your personal information:
    • due to special-case occurrences - objection to having your data processed pursuant to the GDPR Art. 6, item 1, letter f (i.e. Data Controller's legitimate interests), including profiling based on these regulations,
    • if your personal data are processed for the purposes of direct marketing, including profiling, insofar as the processing is related to direct marketing.

Contact us if you want to take advantage of your rights.

If you deem the processing of your data unlawful, you may complain to the Data Protection Authority.


Our Store, as most websites, use cookies. These files:

  • are being saved in the memory of your device (pc, laptop, phone e.t.c.),
  • allow you to, among others, to access all features of the Store,
  • don’t cause changes in the settings of your device.

Using the proper functions of your browser, you can at any time:

  • delete the cookie files,
  • block the use of cookies in the future.

In this Store, the cookie files are used in order to:

  • save the information about your session,
  • gather statistic information,
  • marketing procedures,
  • make all functions of the Store accessible.

To learn more about managing your cookies, including how to disable them, you can use the help options in your browser. All you need to do is to push the F1 key in your browser. Also you can find more detailed information on the following sites, depending on the browser you are using:

More information about cookies can be found on Wikipedii.


We outsource services to third parties who may receive your data. Below you will find the list of possible recipients of your data:

  • provider of the software needed to run the online Store (Shoper),
  • entity delivering your order (Polish Post),
  • payment delivery company (Pay Pal, Shoper),
  • people cooperating with us on the basis of civil law contracts, supporting our current operations,
  • the provider of software make the running if the store easier (like accounting software),
  • an entity providing us with mailing software,
  • an entity providing us with technical support,
  • the entity providing us with statistical information,
  • relevant public authorities, insofar as the Data Controller is obliged to provide them with access to the data,


Would you like to exercise your rights pertaining to your personal data?

Or maybe you just wish to inquire about anything related to our Privacy Policy?

Please send an e-mail at:

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